Wednesday, May 31, 2017


I came to realization that it is not the end of the world if you don't get the highest grades. Life is too short to be stress out why not enjoy high school. High school finna sucks I've known that from freshman year. A lot people would say it sucks because you have to be involved more with the school, but sports is involvement with the school. Why not take the classes you want to take and not have anyone nagging on you that you have to take these certain classes. There are other options and cheaper ways to get to a university.  Do what you want to do. That's what I learned from the three years I've been in high school. Better late than never.

Friday, May 19, 2017


Today in the Master Academy we discussed death and what are the real effects of death. Personally, I was overwhelmed with the topic because it was real shiz. People would say that physically injuries such as murders, heart attacks, strokes, and car accidents cause death. Don't you ever think that there are other possibilities like psylogically wise. Sucides yes. Bullying yes. Until today when Lily mentioned something that totally caught my attention. A possible way could be by broken heart syndrome and it has been PROVEN. I was like what the heck. That seems unreal right? There was this couple that Lily that mentioned in her presentation and the wife died because of a stroke and TEN HOURS LATER the husband died due to heartbroken syndrome. He couldn't live without her. Now, lets all take a moment to think about the people we love and keep them close to us and make time for them. Death is one hella of a motherfinna.
What is your definition of success and what are steps/requirements are there in order to achieve your success definition ?
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why did the Italian chef stop making food?

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Literature Analysis

Book: Vampire Kisses book 1

Summary: It was about a girl named Raven and she was obsessed with vampires and everything black. By her house was a haunted mansion and one day her and her best friend went inside that mansion because she thought no one lived there. Little did she know that there was a strange family living there who had barely moved in. Unfortunately they didn't meet until later on in the book.  Raven was in high school and she described herself as an outsider, but she didn't care.

Theme: Be who are and don't care what people think

Author: I think the author would be a night person because the book is pretty much based at night. I could picture the author staying up all night drinking coffee on the couch and having candles lit in their house. The author probably eats out a lot like at hamburger joints and diners because in the book the two main characters go to a lot of diners at night. I don't think the author would exercise because the main character isn't that type of athletic person. 

Literary Techniques? : There was a lot similes because Raven would compare the color black to a bright color. She would say The night was as blacker as my skirt. There was personification which was Raven describing how the mansion gave her light and it was bright to her world. Metaphors like he was like my partner in crime.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

We Eat Social Media For Breakfast 

            Social Media is a huge hit in this generation. The author creates a audience that connects to all ages. I think the diction is very powerful because in the article it talks about memories and that's what life is made out of. Of course, all people are going to relate to memories. It is about sharing memories with people who were there and not there.

            The author uses diction by referring back to when he was a kid. He talks about this certain memory about films. He remembers going to a store, and excited about getting a film developed. That was the thing to do and once that film was developed you got to share those pictures  and trying to figure out what holiday that was. Then he refers back to how this generation truly is because most teenagers have iPhones or Galaxys and being able to have the date on the picture already there for them. They do not need to go to a store to get that picture developed it is already in the cloud. In this generation we tend to post our memories onto social media whether it be a cool quote picture or of a family event. We post onto any social media platform and people who knows us sees it and people who may not know us sees it also. Sometimes it is all just for attention and bragging privileges. He uses syntax by stating that it is not the same if we post that memory onto social media because sometimes you just only want to share that memory with one individual instead of the whole world. 

                The tone in this article is informing and personal. It is informing because he describes how technology changes over time and discusses the origin of the word. Apparently, each generation seems to have a different or change slightly in technology compared to the generation below them. He has some humor by using the term narcissistic sharer as a person that who shares legit everything about them. Whether it be what time they woke up to their current relationship arguments. In a sense social media defines us because it is basically our life through images. By having social media in this generation we have more opportunities to meet new people; whether it be a opportunity for something or just making new friends. This article clearly uses diction and syntax by trying to reach to an audience for all ages, which it did.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Ignite Talk 

        My big question is that how do people know you are going to be successful in life or is that just what people say. The one thing i did over break was to compare an athlete that is sponsored by under armor and compared it to a athlete in high school. There were a lot of things in common. My question is based on academics and sports. The connection i saw in this course with my big question is the ending of Fahrenheit 451 because it was about how Montag escaped the real world and found his own world and people. i see that as being successful because that means a lot to him about how he escaped the real world and is more at peace. My next move is to do more depth detail in the pyramid of success and ask people what does that mean to them like is it really success. I dont know but its a an idea.