Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fahrenheit 451 Questions 1-15

1)   Why does Ray Bradbury start the novel in this way? Why might it be more pleasurable to burn books rather than read them?

Ray Bradbury starts the novel with this line because the main character in the book starts off with burning books and Montag was trying to keep society safe by burning them. It was more pleasurable to burn the books than read them because in the book books are somewhat danger to society and Montag's job is to save people in society.

2) In the opening scene, why are the books compared to birds?

I think books are getting compared to birds because books are a nonliving thing and he's comparing it to something that is a living thing.

3) Discuss the difference between Montag and Clarisse’s lives.
Clarisse's life isn't explained much in the beginning of the book. She has a different point of view of life compared to Montag. She's more carefree and "crazy". She doesn't care what everyone thinks of her. On the other hand, Montag isn't carefree, he worries too much. Montag's relationship with his wife is really sad. Its kind of depressing honestly. Montag tries to give his wife everything but to him all she wants is more and more. He doesn't go with the flow. All he does is go to work and come home and watches over his wife. He isn't living life, he is draining his life.

4) Montag’s television includes headphones called “seashells.”  The “wall to wall circuit” allows Mildred to enter the “play” and, therefore, the television programming. How does the technology within the novel compare to our current technology? In the first pages of the novel,does technology improve the quality of life for Montag and his wife, Mildred? Why or why not?

The technology in the novel isn't that great. The technology in the novel were only radios, cameras, televisions with black and white screenings. Today's technology is extradinary because we have smartphones, laptops, apps, televisions with colored screenings.
Unfortunately, technology was bad for Montag's marriage. Mildred wouldn't listen to Montag because all of her attention would be on technology. It wasn't healthy.

5) Why does the narrator introduce us to Montag at this time of his life, when he encounters Clarisse and confronts Mildred’s overdose?

Montag is introduced at this time of his life when he encountered Clarisee because he was dreading life. If he was a color he would be black and Clarisse is yellow. Just by meeting Clarisee, Montag has realized that life can be more and different for him.

6) Why does the author introduce the character of Clarisse before Mildred?

I think the author introduced Clarisse first because the author was trying to make the reader think. The author wanted to make the reader want to read more by trying to figure out the main character's background.

7) Why are all the houses fireproof in this society?

All houses are fireproof in this society because only the inside burns immediately and the outside of the house crashes down a couple of days later.

8) Why does Mildred require emergency service? What service is provided?

Mildred requires emergency service because of the time she overdosed. She felt like that was a close one because she wasn't breathing and Montag had barely found her. She was close to being dead. So she got technicians to watch over her. 

9) What is the mechanical hound and what is its purpose?

The mechanical hound is a mechanical dog. The mechanical hound's job is to kill criminals who violated one of the laws of society.

10)  Why does the society consider Clarisse “anti-social”?

Society sees Clarisse as "anti-social" because she is carefree and crazy. Society sees that as a threat and dangerous.

11)  When the woman’s house is raided, why does she light the match?

The woman lights the match because she rather burn with her books. Instead of watching them burn. She couldn't see a clear picture of life without her books.

12)  Describe the relationship between Montag and Mildred

The relationship between Montag and Mildred is sad. They are a married couple, but they cannot remember the first time they met. That's sad especially when they have been together for ten years. Mildred has a pill problem, but doesn't realize it. Montag has to keep an eye on her because she almost died because she overdosed. They are a depressing couple and I think Montag deserves better.

13) What is the purpose of Beatty's visit? 

The purpose of Beatty's visit is because Montag wanted to call in sick for work. I think Beatty didn't believe him so Beatty wanted to see if he was truly and honestly sick.

14)  Reread Captain Beatty’s monologue (pp.57-59). Discuss his view that school cultivates anti-intellectual sentiment (p.58). In your opinion does it accurately depict your high school? Do books violate the idea that ”everyone is made equal” (p.58)?

Beatty discusses school has been more demanding and controlling. School teaches students other knowledge that should be irrevalant for everyday life. School doesn't stuff the students' minds with facts so they can finally think on their own. I think this accurately depicts my high school. I feel like a robot every time I step onto campus. School doesn't teach us about how life is going to be like teach us how to have good credit and how to cook. Instead of teaching us things we wont ever use in our lives. School should be more than that. It should be more than focusing on getting good grades. 

15) Why does Montag feel “fat”?

Montag feels fat because he feels guilty and ashamed. He is feeling the weight of the world slowly come onto his shoulders because he is hiding books!
College Fair Experience

It was a great experience to explore and talk to people from different colleges. I got a lot of informational pamphlets from most of the colleges there. The colleges that stood out to me were University of Florida, Colorado State, University of Hawaii, and Fresno State. They all seem like great colleges to go to.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Fahrenheit 451 pt .5

-"It was a pleasure to burn"
-Main character- Guy Montag
- a fireman
- happy burning things
-seems to be holding onto something
-"It never went away, that smile, it never ever went away.." pg 2
-paper burns at 451
-Rising action 
turned the corner and met "Clarisse Mclellan
-"I'm seventeen and crazy"
-"You think too many things"

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Motivational Quote of the Day


Okay first of all, the book is way better than the movie. The book includes specific details and important events that the movie doesn't most likely include. I think watching the movie and reading the book before gives us things to compare and contrast. Its a great way to remember the book because its like we read it twice or watched the movie twice.